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EKC-7HD Cinema/Karaoke System

  • Karaoke
  • loa
  • DolBy/DTS/HDMI HD audio/video certification; 

  • supporting 3D audio/video effects; 

  • supporting DoLby-HD/DTS-HD audio/vodeo decoding format; 

  • supporting ATP:X HiFi bluetooth transmission without loss in a wide range;

  • Standard 5.1 cinema power amplifier system; 

  • 7.1 signal output for improving system version; 

  • Karaoke system outputs 5.1 channel (master channel,middle, bass output) and the microphone LF level can be increased or decreased;

  • supporting FM full range radio function; 

  • one button to switch the input mode; 

  • Limitation function on turning on times and operation time; 

  • independently setting the turning on volume and max volume; 

  • Max limitation on music volume and microphone volume; 

  • supporting ARC HD audio transmission;

  • Supporting international standard RS232 smart central control, CEC PC control, 12V trigout control; 

  • professional phoenix connector for convenient connection and preventing from equipment damage or sound changed due to misoperation by unqualified user;

  • Built-in multiband PEQ, preset scenes, one button to switch; 

  • accurate auto-compensation function to suit for the room acoustic defects;

  • professional digital Karaoke effects for cinema/Karaoke/gaming applications; 

  • High quality cinema circuit, wide frequency response, low distortion, high S/N ration, preproducing the original sound details; 

  • micro-computer smart thermal protection system for long time and reliable operation; loop transformer and high quality filtering capacitors ensure dymanic output and pure music quality.

Sản phẩm chi tiết

Audio Section
• Rated Output Power(7.1CH input,input 1Vrms)
• Distortion:≤0.05%(1KHz,normal operation)
• Frequency Response:20Hz~60KHz(+1dB/-3dB)(L, R、C, SL, 
• S/N Ratio:≥95dB(7.1CH input、A weighted)

Video Section
• Video Input:HDMI/DVI 480P,576P,720P50,720P60,1080i50,1080i60,1080P50,1080P60,1080P24
• Video Onput:HDMI/DVI 480P,576P,720P50,720P60,1080i50,1080i60,1080P50,1080P60,1080P24

Other Specification
• Power Supply:AC 220V,50Hz
• Power Consumption:≤750W(8Ω)
• Dimension:482(W)x350(D)x152(H)mm
• Package Dimension:552(W)x446(D)x246(H)mm
• Net Weight:12.1kg
• Gross Weight:13kg
• ​Home cinema, cinema, Karaoke, multimedia conference room
• Cinema/Karaoke   system1pc
• Battery2pcs
• Audio cable1pc
• Power cord1pc
• Remote control1pc
• HDMI cable1pc
• FM antenna1pc

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