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      BM-630USB Digital boundary microphone

        • The digital boundary microphone tailored for network conference, network live broadcast, interview

        • USB2.0 professional sound card chip without driver, plug and play, compatible with windows, iOS, Mac system

        • Omnidirectional cartridge, more than 2m pickup range, 360 degree pickup, clear sound

        • Advanced RFI shield technology isolates cell phone signal interference

        • 150Hz LF attenuation switch effectively reduces picking up ambient noise

        • Anti-skidding pads prevents from microphone skidding or vibration on desktop 

        Touch mute switch eliminates mechanical noise of traditional switch

        • Compact contour and easy operation for convenient network conference or recording

        Sản phẩm chi tiết

        teaching program recording & live broadcast, video source switching by technical director, TV studio, conference, monitoring
        USB data cable1pc
        User manual1pc

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